Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics 2018 #LAMG2018

This was my first time at the Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics meeting, and it was excellent! There were tons of great talks, friendly people and a beautiful location. Plus the food was fantastic, and the beer and wine were free (Jeffery Miller was insistant that this was important). I feel like my head is bursting with information and I can barely remember any of the talks, but happily I took notes.

Matching Publications to PubMed IDs

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from Lucia Santamaria from the “Gender Gap in Science” project from the International Council for Science. They are trying to systematically measure the gender gap in a number of ways, including looking at publication records. One of the important parts of their effort is to find ways to validate methods of gender assignment or inference. Lucia was writing about some data found in the paper I wrote with with Melanie Stefan about women in computational biology.