Getting Back on the Horse - Part 2: Deploying a new Site

Yeah, so my last post was clearly a bit too optomistic. I’ve only just now set up this new website using the Hugo static site generator and Academic theme which is pretty nifty. I started doing this back in August, but ran into some snag and haven’t returned to it until now. But I thought I’d briefly go through what I did in order to set this up, mostly as a reference for myself.

Getting Back on the Horse

Well, it’s been far too long since I wrote anything here. In the mean time I’ve: completed the HMX biochemistry course Got two papers accepted (eLife paper on HGT is out, PLoS Comp Bio paper needs some final touches) started a postdoc in the Huttenhower lab and… that seems like enough Also finally updated the header image on this site to be one of mine rather than the default.