Matching Publications to PubMed IDs

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from Lucia Santamaria from the “Gender Gap in Science” project from the International Council for Science. They are trying to systematically measure the gender gap in a number of ways, including looking at publication records. One of the important parts of their effort is to find ways to validate methods of gender assignment or inference. Lucia was writing about some data found in the paper I wrote with with Melanie Stefan about women in computational biology.

Getting Back on the Horse - Part 2: Deploying a new Site

Yeah, so my last post was clearly a bit too optomistic. I’ve only just now set up this new website using the Hugo static site generator and Academic theme which is pretty nifty. I started doing this back in August, but ran into some snag and haven’t returned to it until now. But I thought I’d briefly go through what I did in order to set this up, mostly as a reference for myself.


A julia package for working with microbiome and microbial community data.

Getting Back on the Horse

Well, it’s been far too long since I wrote anything here. In the mean time I’ve: completed the HMX biochemistry course Got two papers accepted (eLife paper on HGT is out, PLoS Comp Bio paper needs some final touches) started a postdoc in the Huttenhower lab and… that seems like enough Also finally updated the header image on this site to be one of mine rather than the default.